The Amazing Race Australia

About the Show

It’s time to pack your bags and grab your passport because The Amazing Race Australia is taking you on a wild ride across the globe – minus the airport lounge.

We call it amazing, but it’s also crazy, ludicrous, outrageous and adventurous. Hosted by television’s loveable loose-cannon Beau Ryan, 22 Aussie hopefuls will tackle trains, planes and camels as they ping-pong across the world in pursuit of the $250,000 cash prize.

There will be no time to waste at baggage claim nor any champagne to be sipped at check-in. Instead, the teams will charge full-speed through challenges and work their way through Roadblocks, Fast-Forwards, Detours and U-Turns.

In a race where every second and every step counts, you’ll need more than brains and brawn on your side. Relationships will be tested, decisions will be second-guessed and a meltdown or two will be had.

So strap yourselves in and get ready for the race that has it all.