What makes the 10 team tick?

What makes the 10 team tick?

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A few weeks ago media agency trade network, Mediai, published the results of its May 2020 survey, which included some fantastic results for our team.

When participants were asked which television network was seen to be most proactive for their business, Network 10 ranked second nationally, hitting the number one spot in Brisbane and Adelaide.

10 also ranked second among TV networks nationally in terms of NPS, as well as first in Brisbane and Adelaide. A big thank you to our media agency partners for your support!

Our people are a big reason we’ve accomplished this. We’re a youth network diverse in gender, ethnicity and sexual preference. Our people and the incredible culture they have built are the heart of our success.

When we began rebuilding the Network 10 sales team in December 2018, we only had 40% of the staff required, sub-standard systems and no operational rhythm. We now have a robust, channel-agnostic team whose 180 members are kicking goals.

Our mantra is be brave, back yourself and stay hungry. It’s that attitude that led Mediacom’s Claire Butterworth to say: “We work with a lot of media partners and we know when a sales team love where they work. This couldn’t be more true about 10.”

We believe in empowering our team to have a well-balanced life. Allowing flexibility through work hours, fitness and mental well-being, we have built a culture of resilience to achieve extraordinary outcomes in a short time.

Given we have a largely new team, we’ve worked to include team-building exercises into our daily tasks. We share and celebrate wins all the time, we congratulate each other and we encourage each other to think differently. It is not uncommon for anyone to jump into another team’s meeting to learn what they are doing.

Our culture has become stronger since COVID-19 forced us all to work from home. The constant communication that we had set up pre-COVID-19 made daily team musters via Microsoft Teams seamless. Talking about the state of all our teams, the market and the total company have been the number one priority during this period.

During COVID-19 we have established “Friday fun” calls, encouraging team members to prepare a tutorial of their choosing. We’ve since learnt how to make Matt’s nonna’s bolognaise, how to make dumplings with Taylor, Laura’s make-up tips, Wayne’s home workout and Dan’s magic tricks.

We want our enthusiasm about 10 to be infectious, which is why we constantly seek opportunities to take our passion for what we do to your agencies. Our staff and on-air talent regularly visit: recently our chief content officer Beverley McGarvey spoke at PHD for International Women’s Day, while Narelda Jacobs from Studio 10 spoke at OMD for the launch of their Open Pride committee to drive diversity for the LGBTQI community. When things return to normal, we can’t wait to see you too.

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