The Conspiracy Virus

The Conspiracy Virus

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A Two-Part Podcast Special. Available Now. Only On 10 Speaks

10 Speaks’ award-winning podcast series 10 News First Person presents a two-part podcast investigative series called The Conspiracy Virus, hosted by 10’s National Affairs Editor, Hugh Riminton.

Produced by journalists Antony Loewenstein and Olivia Rosenman, the special investigates the explosion of misinformation in the 21st century and focusses on two highly talked about and contentious topics: the Covid-19 vaccine and climate change.

Hugh Riminton, said: “More than ever we need to examine the forces that make conspiracy theories so easy to launch and so hard to refute. Quite clearly, there are lives at stake. As we have seen recently in the US, there are entire systems of government potentially at stake.

“I have known and admired Olivia Rosenman’s work since my CNN days more than a decade ago, and Antony Lowenstein has amassed a huge body of work questioning conventional wisdom on a host of issues. They are the perfect people to drill more deeply into conspiracy theories and the damage they do.”

The Conspiracy Virus podcast series was produced in partnership with 10 News First Person and the Judith Neilson Institute for Journalism and Ideas.

The Conspiracy Virus Part 1: Covid and Vaccines and The Conspiracy Virus Part 2: Climate Change are available now on the 10 News First Person podcast on Acast, Apple, Spotify and other good podcast apps.

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