Jock And The Junior MasterChefs

Jock And The Junior MasterChefs

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Jock Zonfrillo became a TV superstar this year as one of the three new judges on MasterChef Australia. After the runaway success of that show, he is about to return to our screens – along with Melissa Leong and Andy Allen – in Junior MasterChef. Here Jock talks about the new show, the amazing little chefs it discovered and his early culinary experiences.

Q: How did the Junior MasterChef experience match up to your expectations?

A: I expected childish behaviour from the judges and that’s exactly what I got. As for the children, they were far better cooks than I could have imagined and they came together as a friendship group straight away. The camaraderie was really great to be part of and to watch.

Q: What surprised you most about working with the kids?

A: My expectation was that they would have learnt their skills and recipes from their parents and grandparents, however, they’re learning from YouTube tutorials, watching over and over, then hitting the kitchen.

Q: What age did you start learning your way around a kitchen?

A: I was always cooking or playing around with food from as early as I could remember. Keep in mind that I was grew up in Scotland, so their idea of speciality food is fish and chips or lorne (square sliced) sausage (minced).

Q: What was Jr Jock’s specialty dish?

A: I was fascinated by one of mum’s books called French Modern Culinary Art. One day I decided to make a recipe out of it; it was just a sauce that went with steak and it took me most of the day. I realise now that it was one of chef Augustine Escoffier’s five mother sauces of classic French cooking, so it would still take me a few hours to make now!

Q: Any advice for parents wanting to introduce their kids to cooking?

A: I’d suggest to kids that they start by cooking something the whole family loves to eat. There’s no point in trying to master how to cook a steak if half the family are vegetarian. And for the parents, make sure they’re actively part of it – not necessarily making the food with their kids, but take an interest, ask questions, flick through cookbooks together, help with showing them techniques if they get stuck.

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