Checking-in with Georgina Pym

Checking-in with Georgina Pym

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This month we’re continuing our check-in series with a (virtual) stop all the way over in Perth, where Group Sales Manager Georgina Pym shed a little light on her experience in television and what’s been happening in our nation’s west since isolation.

Q: What made you fall in love with TV?

A: The Simpsons, when it used to be on 10 at 6pm leading into Neighbours, also watching Rage early on a weekend with my brother.

Q: Tell us about how you found your way to 10. Had you always planned to work in TV?

A: I found my way to 10 using Google Maps… it was an hour away from home at the time. But in all seriousness, it was through my lecturer at Edith Cowan University, Diane Slade. I’d become close with Diane during a study tour to the US and Dubai. A good friend from the tour ended up landing a job at Nine around the same time so we helped each other navigate our first “real” jobs. I’d never known where I wanted to end up. Now I’m here at 10 and I’m here to stay!

Q: What do you think is important to know when selling TV? 

A: Explain things how you’d like them explained to yourself. I started selling TV as a Direct Co-ordinator, so I’d be dealing with everybody from local plumbers to small advertising agencies. It’s important to understand that TV is a relatively niche field of knowledge.

Q: And what is it about 10 that grabbed you the most?

A: Easy! I resonated with 10’s shows the most out of the commercial networks. The talent are trusted and easily recognised and the programming is light-hearted and entertaining.

Q: What’s next for TV in your opinion?

A: TV networks working together for solutions rather than against each other.

Q: What’s next for Georgina?

A: I haven’t thought that far ahead! My first home, boring adult stuff. Maybe a puppy now that we’ve fallen in love with our housemate’s Kelpie. More fishing trips.

Q: Finally, compared to the rest of the country Perth is well and truly open! How have you found the return to normal life, what had you missed the most?

A: I’m incredibly fortunate to live in the bubble that we call Perth. Return to “normal” has been blissful; I’m writing this from Dirk Hartog Island, located almost halfway up WA’s coast. That being said, like everywhere else there was a significant air of anxiety and distrust when COVID-19 first hit. I’m grateful for the ability to dine in a cafe for brunch and having dinners at friends’ houses without worrying about accidentally doing the wrong thing.

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